Co-InteLEx Research Group

Co-InteLEx is a leading interdisciplinary research group in the field of Artificial intelligence in Education, and resides in the Computer Education and Instructional Technology department at the Middle East Technical University

We place the human at the centre of learning and conduct research on how human intelligence can be augmented with artificial intelligence for creating optimal learning experiences. We closely collaborate with stakeholders and practitioners to create novel, robust, and sustainable AI solutions for real-world learning problems in diverse educational settings.

Research Focuses

Co-InteLEx focuses on a variety of research topics to investigate the use of AI for understanding and supporting human learning.

  • AI support for cognition and emotion regulation
  • Learning analytics for formative feedback
  • Adaptive learning analytics dashboards
  • Video analytics in education
  • Collaboration analytics in online and physical spaces
  • Text analytics for educational discourse
  • Learning analytics for games and gamification

Interested in Working with Us?

We are an enthusiastic team of experienced researchers in creating cutting-edge AI-supported interventions that harness the power of data.

We are looking for partnerships to work together on creating human-centred AI innovations in education. 

Please contact us at or if you are interested in partnering with Co-InteLEx.

Current Projects

We are new! Stay tuned for upcoming projects.

The Co-InteLEx Team

Prof. Dr. Soner Yıldırım
Computer Education and Instructional Technology, Middle East Technical University.

Beste Ulus, PhD Student
Computer Education and Instructional Technology, Bogazici University

Assist. Prof. Dr. Erkan Er
Computer Education and Instructional Technology, Middle East Technical University.

Dr. Ozan Raşit Yürüm
Distance Education Application and Research Center, İzmir Institute of Technology

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Evren Şumuer
Computer Education and Instructional Technology, Kocaeli University

Dr. Didem Tufan
Curriculum Developer, Cyber Instructional 

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Müge Adnan
Computer Education and Instructional Technology, Mugla Sıtkı Kocman University

The Team